Business Units

International Wire operates the following business units: Engineered Wire, High Performance Conductors, and International Wire Cable Services, located in the United States, and IW Europe with a footprint in Italy, France, and Poland. Each business unit is well-positioned to serve our customers by manufacturing specialized wire products, which meet the most stringent requirements. Learn more about our divisions!


Engineered  Wire business unit is a leading manufacturer of bare copper and tin-plated copper wire products used to transmit electrical as well as digital, video and audio signals. We sell our products to a diverse customer base of insulated wire manufacturers and various industrial OEMs for use in computer and data communications products, various energy applications, consumer appliances, automobiles, mass transit, general industrial and numerous others.

Bare Wire Division

High Performance Conductors

High Performance Conductors is a division of International Wire and is the prominent manufacturer of specialty high performance conductors, including tin, nickel and silver-plated copper, as well as standard and customized products used in high and low-temperature applications. Our products are sold to various OEMs for use in the aerospace, medical, geophysical, automotive, telecommunications and computer/electronics industries.

High Performance Conductors LLC.


International Wire Europe designes and produces braid or strip-based flexible electrical connections. Our footprint consists of 5 factories attached to the 3 entities: Italtrecce (Italy), Tresse Métallique J.Forissier (France), and International Wire Polska (Poland).

Engineered Products Division


International Wire Cable Services is a premier supplier of bus bar wires, braids, grounding wires, and other wire solutions. Our broad Wire and Cable industry experience, combined with our extensive wire manufacturing capabilities, enables us to deliver quick and quality solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether our customers require bare copper wire, tinned copper wire, tinned copper braids, or stainless steel braids by the foot or by the pound, we can meet their wire needs. Our dedicated team members—including engineering support and customer service experts—are committed to providing customers with the best possible experience and solutions, whether they have standard or highly specialized requests.

Copper Wire