Markets We Serve

We discover and innovate in nearly every industry to solve our customers’ and ever-changing world’s challenges. When it comes to engineering, wire drawing, and wire fabrication, International Wire is the place to go.


Cellular production, industry 4.0 and digital transformation are reshaping the future of manufacturing. With thousands of products, we strengthen our customers’ processes in a wide variety of industrial applications including robotics, factory automation, railway infrastructure, mining operations, residential and commercial construction, industrial heating, and watercraft applications. Braided copper wires are commonly used and are extremely versatile for any grounding and shielding applications.


Electrification is a key part of decarbonizing energy sources, increasing operational efficiency, commercialization of new technologies and investment on new business areas. International Wire solutions open up new possibilities for improved sustainability, safety, and efficiency: from products for solar farms, wind turbines, nuclear energy to grounding, earthing and lightning protection.

Security & Data Transformation

Modern life is mobile, networked, and digital. International Wire is here to meet the needs of changing world. We help make this possible by providing solutions for 5G cellular networks, audio and video streaming, security and data communication systems.


Key trends in the aerospace industry point to increase modernization, adopt new and advanced manufacturing technologies to increase fuel efficiency, innovations that accelerate growth in the space market (next-gen satellite telecommunications, satellite constellations), and build advanced military capabilities. Our solutions for the Aerospace market include high-performance conductors that meet stringent temperature and high-strength requirements. Silver-Plated Copper Wire offers the highest electrical and thermal conductivity for high-friction applications. Applications include cabin management and in-flight entertainment wiring systems, conductors for airframe wiring, harsh environment engine wire core and harness, shielding for wiring harness, and harness over braiding. We also provide cord sets for flight helmets, which are used by countless Air Medical, Law Enforcement, and commercial helicopter crews.


The automotive industry is in the midst of a historic change. Disruptive technology-driven trends in the automotive sector, such as diverse mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity set customers’ expectations very high. Electric vehicle adoption is poised to surge. International Wire is ready to meet the needs of the automotive market with solutions for battery cables and charging stations, busbars for EV battery interconnects, products for shielding, aftermarket electrical components, and airbags. Bunched copper wire is often used in the automotive industry.


We strive to make every home better and to make a difference in every life. Our products serve millions of consumers in their homes and improve their lives every day. With the assortment of wire products for lighting, home appliances, air conditioning, power tools, and landscaping applications, we got you covered!

Oil & Gas

With industry 4.0 innovations, the Oil & Gas industry is on the path of transformation in terms of efficiency, safety, and smart solutions. The Oil & Gas industry is exploring ways to digitize, automate, and solve complex sub-surface engineering challenges efficiently and competitively. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, in addition to providing a competitive edge, also enables oil & gas companies to increase field or well productivity. International Wire offers a wide range of products that drive transformation in oil exploration, natural gas production, and refining of petroleum processes.


Nothing is more precious than our health. Connected medical devices, equipment, and infrastructure enable multiple applications like automatic disinfection, smart diagnosis, and remote patient management. Artificial intelligence is replacing conventional labor-intensive and time-consuming processes in healthcare with rapid, remotely accessible, and real-time solutions for diagnostics, treatment, and disease prevention. Our portfolio includes critical products for the medical industry, such as high-strength, high flex-life, and precision-plated conductors.