Engineered Wire

We are a leading manufacturer of bare copper and tin-plated copper wire products used to transmit electrical as well as digital, video and audio signals. We sell our products to a diverse customer base of insulated wire manufacturers and various industrial OEMs for use in computer and data communications products, various energy applications, consumer appliances, automobiles, mass transit, general industrial and numerous others.

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Engineered Wire

Copper Wire Rope Lay

Copper wire is well known for its ability to conduct electricity. Engineered Wire Division has three main types of copper wire rope lay available, each with unique attributes:

  • Ultra-fine wire rope lay. Ultra-fine copper wire rope lay is a conductor made up of separate wire strands twisted together in rope fashion.
  • Rope lay bunched cable. Copper wire cable is constructed as a random gathering of single-strand copper wires twisted together with the same lay direction and length, without a particular pattern.
  • Rope lay concentric cable. Concentric cables have a geometric pattern to the design, with helically laid wires surrounding a centralized wire.

Copper wire rope lay has a flexible yet durable design that facilitates installation. For added resistance to bending stress, smaller gauge sizes are an ideal choice, as are conductors with fine stranding for increasing the amount of bending cycles that the rope lay can handle. Some common applications for copper rope include:

  • Power & Control Cable
  • Mining cable
  • Light vehicle battery cable
  • Switchgear

Bunched Copper Wire

With a design much like rope lay bunched cables, durable bunched copper wires are constructed of individual strands that are placed indiscriminately and twisted in the same direction with the same lay length, with no particular pattern. Bunched wires aren’t as flexible as wire rope lay, but they are still quite malleable. They also have a greater packing density as compared to cabled conductors. Other beneficial properties of bunched wires include their ductility and corrosion resistance, for varied applications in:

  • Portable power
  • Commercial & residential construction
  • Electrical appliances
  • Light Vehicle Primary
  • Low Voltage Landscaping
  • Audio/Video Broadcast
  • Data & Signal for Process Control Application

Concentric and Unilay Copper Wire

Concentric wires have a central wire at their core that is surrounded by helically laid wires in a geometrically patterned single- or multi-layer construction. Unilay copper wires are a form of concentric strands and possess a similar design, but the wires are of the same lay direction and length. Both concentric/unilay and large concentric/unilay copper wire are available from the Engineered Wire Division. Their form gives this flexible copper wire an even, smooth surface with consistent elongation in the single wires. Concentric and unilay copper wires are also highly conductive, with applications in:

  • Audio and speaker wiring
  • Naval- and military-based tasks
  • Robotics
  • Vehicle wire harnesses

Single End Copper Wire

Copper wire classifies as single-end wire when a single strand of copper is drawn from a rod at a particular length. This product can come in 2 options: bare copper single-end wire or tin-plated single-end wire. Single-end copper wire is conductive, as well as malleable and solderable with good ductility. It also offers long-term durability to ensure it will last in applications such as:

  • Braiding
  • Building wire conductors
  • Cables for telecommunications
  • Grounding wires

Copper Wire Products at International Wire

At International Wire, our Engineered Wire Division produces high-quality copper wire products for industrial OEMs and insulated wire manufacturers. We adhere closely to the most stringent industry standards so that our clients can trust the products we make to meet their most exacting specifications. Our team is also committed to quality control, and we test each product to ensure our customers receive reliable, competitively priced products with on-time delivery.

For all of your copper wire and cable needs, contact the team at International Wire for more information or request a quote today to begin your project.