How to Manufacture Fine Wire Bunch Rope

International Wire is the nation’s largest nonvertically integrated producer of copper and copper-alloy wires. We have the knowledge and expertise to service a variety of applications in many different industries. Our extensive catalog of high-quality products includes:

How to Manufacture Fine Wire Bunch Rope
  • Single-end wire
  • Copper wire on bobbins
  • Metal and textile braided products
  • Large and fine stranded conductors: concentric and bunched
  • Rope-lay concentric and bunched cables
  • Fine wire ropes
  • Flat wire

Fine wire bunch ropes are made of multiple bunched members. Bunched members consist of individual wires twisted together in the same direction with the same lay length. In this eBook, we will discuss how fine wire bunch ropes are manufactured, the applications they are used for, and our capabilities.

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