Q3 2021 Marketing Newsletter

International Wire released Q3 2021 Marketing Newsletter. Inside this edition, we cover: IW gives back to the community; IWCS: new Business Unit – RFQ online; Product Spotlights; What’s new in IW digital space; Successful career stories; Construction Industry trends; International Wire news. Click here to read the full edition.

IWC Newsletter - The People Edition

Q2 2021 Marketing Newsletter

At International Wire, our employees are our greatest asset and foundation of our company. In an era where technological innovations have allowed for the automation of many business processes, nothing replaces the ingenuity and innovation that our employees bring to the table.  

IWC April 2021 Newsletter

Q1 2021 Marketing Newsletter

International Wire recently released its quarterly marketing newsletter. Inside this edition, we cover: International Wire’s Role in the Copper World What Markets do we serve? How can we grow? Spotlight on IWG A look at products from our North American Business Units The heart of IWG